About Us

Dr. Patti Haught


Dr. Patti Haught is a Naturopathic practitioner working with a team of professionals in her clinic here in Cookeville.  She specializes in natural integrative remedies to balance the body, mind, and spirit. Dr. Patti uses various tools such as a microscope to look at live blood to see what is actually in the blood. Rather than diagnosing and treating disease, she focuses on the root cause corrections and foundational healthy practices. Her goal is to help each client become empowered and independent.
Dr. Patti Haught offers various BioEnergetic modalities such as Rife technology for gut health and parasites, Neurofeedback for brain health, TRE therapy for natural stress and trauma release from the body and mind, Red Light therapy for inflammation and pain, Colon Hydrotherapy to clean out the colon, Fascia decompression for body pain and better posture and balance, Allergy therapy to reverse oversensitivity to harmless substances.
It's all about helping others find balance and understanding to gain control over their own well-being. After extensive research and training in the healing arts, she brings a new and growing modality of Functional Wellness.

Patricia Beer

Office Manager, Health Coach

Patricia’s expertise is in health coaching, nutrition, and body strengthening, to name a few. Through her life journey, she has gained tremendous insight into “how to get out of pain and suffering, in healthy ways.” She has experience in the medical industry through nursing school and working with children in Hospice. Her life experiences have had a huge impact on how she sees the world and truly feels compassion for others suffering. Patricia also has more than a decade as an end-of-life Doula, specializing in pediatrics.

One of Patricia’s life passions is food for pleasure and medicine. Each food has specific properties to aid in our daily lifestyle to aid in balancing our health.

Brianna Campbell

Colon Hydrotherapist

As a Clinical Medical Assistant, Brianna is a gifted natural healer. She has been in the healing business for more than 8 years even though she is so young! She is passionate about helping everyone understand the importance of a clean colon. Brianna has struggled with many illnesses and challenging health conditions causing untold pain and suffering. This is why she has a profound understanding of how the body can heal itself – given the proper care. Brianna is very gentle, loving, and compassionate.

She knows to heal the body, we need to start at the very root cause. Step one is cleansing the colon, the key to starting the healing process. This is why Brianna is so passionate about colon hydrotherapy.