Crystal Light Bed

The Quantum Resonance Crystal Bed melds science and spirit in gentle and effective ways.

Crystals, with all of their healing capabilities, have fully infiltrated the American wellness culture over the last decade: Crystal Light Therapy, was first implemented years ago by the João de Deus healing community in Brazil. The Quantum Resonance Crystal Bed Therapy takes place naturally, on a crystal bed, which was “custom-built with intention” by Quantum Resonance in Sedona.

Art to Zen founder Patti Haught now offers this at her Cookeville Wellness Center to round out a lengthy roster of holistic practices including Rife therapy, Microcurrent, Massage, Neurofeedback, Live Blood Analysis and Zyto scans.

There are “healing” amethyst crystals on the table itself, and there is an infrared heating mat on top of it, which feels nice and warm. There is also a small white machine attached to one side that plays binaural beats through plush headphones and vibrates the bed in time to the music. Most importantly, there are seven “extremely clear, highly polished precise Vogel quartz crystals, cut to a specific frequency” hanging over the bed (these align with your chakras).

So what does Crystal Bed Therapy actually do? The possibilities are endless. “The idea is you come in with an intention of ‘I’d like to release what I don’t want, to bring in something I do want. The scalar energy that goes through you can actually help to release those blocks that are energetically happening in the body, and you begin to re-vibrate to the proper frequencies. “It’s pretty wild,” Using light, sound, magnetics, frequency, and special patterns of these combinations, the crystal bed creates a holistic approach to wellbeing that leaves you energized and feeling great.

Vogel-Cut Quartz Crystals

Our seven Vogel-cut quartz crystals receive the frequencies produced by our frequency generator. The UV laser and magnetic energy from the coil in the holder cancel each other out once they interact, this is how scalar energy is generated. What is left in its place is the scalar energy field…TESLA ENERGY! It is then focused through the Vogel-cut crystals and into the energy vortexes/chakras.

LED Lights & Chromatherapy

The LED lights generate light from the complete visible spectrum. Chromatherapy is a treatment that uses colors to adjust the vibrational frequencies in the body in order to result in health and harmonization. Each color emits a frequency related to a specific vibration. Each vibration is said to help alleviate different physical symptoms. Chromatherapy works on several energy points within the body to re-establish its natural balance.

Binaural Beats & Sound Therapy

Binaural beats are sounds played at two specific frequencies that have been shown to organize brain waves and balance the mind.
Sound encompasses a majority of our sensory experience and can shift a person into sublime states of being. We can achieve bliss through crystal bowls or whole-brain states with binaural beats. In the crystal bed, we use sound transducers that vibrate the person laying on the massage table and headphones to create whole-brain states. By shifting a person into a specific frequency through sound, we are able to create windows of openness in the cells that allow for the infusion of light, magnetic, and scalar energy. A true infusion of peace and bliss.

Frequency Generator

Our machine produces frequencies. Everything has a frequency. The earth has a frequency, every illness has a frequency, even we have frequencies that can all be measured. The generator can produce frequencies that will harmonize the body. Thereby, allowing for a healing environment within you and cellular rejuvenation.

Vibration Therapy

There are two transducers built into the biomat underneath you. These transducers create a vibration that plays along with the binaural beats, opening the body to heal and realign.


The Mobius coil is generating a collapsing magnetic field. The Mobius coils are hand-wrapped and embedded in the Vogel holders. You can’t easily see them, but your body can feel them. The Mobius coils create a magnetic scalar component to the system and are vital in sending quantum magnetic pulses into the bio-dynamic field for cellular rejuvenation and overall feeling of wellbeing.


Our Biomat is a thermo-electrotherapeutic device for enhancing your immune system by generating far infrared rays and negative ion production (from Amethyst and Tourmaline). Negative ions produced by the biomat will be absorbed into your body through your skin and your breath. Thereby increasing cellular metabolism, enhancing your vitality, reduce pain, and distribute various nutrients and energy throughout your body. They will also cleanse the blood and have a tranquilizing effect. Far-infrared rays are heat-generating electromagnetic waves that penetrate the body further than traditional heating pads.

This allows for reduced inflammation and pain from joint stiffness & sore muscles. It serves a very physical benefit. The heat these far-infrared rays produce, in turn, warm the amethyst & tourmaline crystals, which is what enables them to emit negative ions.

Vibration Therapy

There are two transducers built into the biomat underneath you. These transducers create a vibration that plays along with the binaural beats, opening the body to heal and realign.

Brennan Healing

Brennan Healing Science is a unique and highly specialized form of energy healing developed by Dr. Barbara Brennan, physicist, former NASA researcher, therapist, healer. Author of the books Hands of Light, Light Emerging, and now her new book Core Light Healing. Founder of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing 35 years ago.

Brennan Healing Science (BHS) is recognized by many as the most advanced of any healing modality that works through the human energy field or aura.

Brennan Healing Science works through the “4 Dimensions of Humankind”, which includes the human energy field, consisting of numerous levels. Each level contains great amounts of information on health, personal issues, histories, and energetic blocks. Clearing and restructuring these levels can have tremendous benefits that can be felt in every area of a person’s life and well-being. In addition, we also work with the dimensions of Intention (Hara), and Core (your essential nature).

Brennan Healing Science Practitioners complete over 2000 hours of extensive study and practice in the 4-year program.

Patti Haught has finished this 4-year program of advanced healing technique and is practicing at Art to Zen. For those of you interested in taking a deeper journey into your own self, this can provide great insight. This is your opportunity to explore your own field of energy.