Breaking The Sound Barriers Of Disease™

A unique technology that falls within a field of complementary medicine that has been designated “Human BioAcoustics.” This innovative discipline combines Vocal Profiling through voice spectral analysis and the use of low-frequency analog sound presentation to assist the body to support optimal form and function. BioAcoustics is a complementary modality.

Vocal Profiling

From thousands of case studies conducted by hundreds of trained BioAcoustic Research Associates, the perception of the human voice as a Mathematical Matrix of the body has become a useful concept to examine the architecture and frequency environments associated with the numerical pathways of human biology and physiology.

Lifestyle Change with BioAcoustic Biology

Unlocking ancient language codes combined with modern BioAcoustic discoveries to identify hundreds of issues that may pertain individually to your weight management issues. This technology was designed to aid and promote a healthier lifestyle all around.


…also known as brain plasticity or neural plasticity, is an umbrella term that describes lasting change to the brain throughout an individual’s life course.

“These physical changes of the brain manifest as changes in our abilities. An example; each time you learn a new dance step, new “wires” (neural pathways) are made to give instructions to our bodies on how to perform the step. Each time we forget something, e.g. someone’s name, it also represents a physical change. Neural pathways that once connected to the memory have been degraded, or even severed.”

Breaking The Sound Barriers Of Disease™

Change your perspective, change your life.