Fascia Decompression

If you haven’t heard of fascia before – as many people haven’t. Fascia is the connective tissue surrounding our body like a delicate cobweb, from the top of your skull to the tip of your big toe. It’s like a full-body suit of pliable and protective tissue.

This connective tissue envelops and penetrates everything inside our bodies – from the muscles, bones, and organs to veins, arteries, and eyeballs. By applying pressure, we encourage the fascial tissue to relax and lengthen. This decompression technique allows muscles and other tissues to soften and return to a more functional position.

This therapy is helpful for many different conditions in the mind and body. But it’s often regarded as being the most effective in improving mobility and joint and muscle flexibility. This improvement in range of motion enhances healing and reduces joint and muscular pain.

If you have chronic pain, old injuries, or problems with your posture, you’ll likely benefit from fascia decompression. Here are the most common conditions we treat with fascia release: