Frequency Specific Micro-current

Benefits of Massage

FSM works by potentially increasing the production of the substance ATP in injured tissues. ATP is the major source of energy for all cellular reactions in the body. Because treatment with FSM can increase ATP production by as much as 500% in damaged tissues, this may help with the recovery process. Depending on the condition, treatment with FSM can “loosen” or soften the muscles, which can help relieve pain and/or stiffness. FSM is applied to the body with a device that delivers a mild current. Microcurrent is an extremely mild electrical current (one-millionth of an ampere). The human body actually produces its own current within each cell.

Depending on the tissue involved, specific frequencies are selected to encourage natural healing of the body and to reduce pain. Frequencies have been identified for nearly every type of tissue in the body.

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Frequencies are used the same way the key remote opens and closes the lock on your car – with an electromagnetic signal. Specific frequencies of microcurrent is a powerful way of treating many aspects of dysfunction within the body, simply by using a low-level electrical current.

A frequency is a rate at which a sound wave or electronic pulse is produced. 

Using FSM has been found to reduce inflammation (swelling), repair tissue, and increase ATP by as much as 500%.

What conditions can be treated with frequency-specific microcurrent?